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  • Apartman Nuba

    Apartman Nuba

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    Apartman Sterija

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    Apartman Zenit

  • Apartman Zenit

    Apartman Zenit

Apartments Belgrade & Hostel Belgrade

Roda Apartments - Apartments Belgrade Pionir Beograd Hostel and Roda are located in a quiet street, next to the small park in the center of town. Nearby is a parking space, sports hall Pionir as well as a large number of bus stops for all parts of the city.

Apartments are very nice, all the furniture is brand new, it has been completely renovated from floor to windows and bathrooms. Since everything is located in the same building, we can accommodate groups of up to 25 people.

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We also have a parking space, which offer optionally, as well as the possibility of transfer for groups, from the railway station, airport or a third location you choose. For groups, we also offer the possibility of half / full board.

Regular guests have a discount, whoose amount depends on the number of nights.

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